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2017-2018 Required Employment Poster Set

Several state and federal agencies require employers to conspicuously display specific health, safety and employee rights information. For the convenience of our members, CDA created a single, easy to display poster set that address all posting regulations and compliance requirements. One poster set is available free of charge to each CDA member who owns a practice. However, members who have more than one practice location can purchase additional posters for $15 each with free shipping. Please note: This product listing is for the 2017-18 set. A new set, reflecting updates to regulations and compliance requirements for 2019–2020 will be available to order in April 2019.
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This set includes mandated federal and state employee notices, the Dental Board's infection control regulations, the state standards for protection against radiation, and dental auxiliary duties. In addition, it includes the procedures to follow after exposure to blood and other potential infectious materials at the workplace (Post-Exposure Management Guidelines) as a handy resource guide.