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CDA Presents San Francisco 2018

All Audio Recordings from the 2018 San Francisco CDA Presents the Art and Science of Dentistry meeting. C.E.: Available for applicable courses with summary submission by 2/29/2020
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21st Century Laser-Assisted Dentistry This presentation will contrast the daily challenges faced in the conventional delivery of a variety of dental procedures against the solutions offered through laser-assisted dentistry. Various laser applications will be covered including cavity preparations, various soft tissue procedures, endodontics and bony procedures such as crown lengthening. Laser dental hygiene applications will be discussed as well. 1 $85.00
A Profile of the Addicted Dental Patient Have you ever wondered what to do when your patient comes into your office high? Have you ever chosen to ignore the signs of intoxication to avoid upsetting your patient? With substance abuse affecting one in 10 Americans, dental professionals must awaken to the uncomfortable reality that many of their patients are “tweaked,” “cracked” and “loaded.” In this course, participants will learn what drugs patients most likely abuse and how to treat patients with substance abuse disorders. 1 $85.00
An Insider's Guide to Living Better Longer Know your numbers, know your risk – and the reversal strategies for optimal wellness and aging. This course will target the top five American diseases, predictive bloodwork profiles and the biological mechanisms of premature aging and inflammation. Learn to employ the natural preseription: rea- food nutrition, exercise and the impact of natural treatments. 1 $85.00
An Overview of Contemporary Forensic Dentistry This course meets the requirements of the Dental Board of California and will instruct on acts in violation of the Dental Practice Act and other statutory mandates relating to the practice of dentistry. The course includes information on the structure of the dental board, utilization and scope of practice for auxiliaries, scope of practice for dentists, laws governing drug prescriptions, citations, fines, suspensions, revocations and license renewals. 1 $85.00
Anterior Tooth Position for Occlusion and Aestheti The anterior teeth provide 98 percent of aesthetic requirements and 90 percent of occlusal requirements. Proper shaping and positioning of the upper and lower anterior teeth are critical for the success and longevity of the restorative case. During diagnosis and restoration, the anterior teeth can be positioned and shaped via completely aesthetic means or completely functional means. Master clinicians will utilize both methods to accomplish the most beautiful and stable result. 1 $85.00
Ask the Expert - Establishing Your Practice Polici Developing an employee manual can seem like a daunting task, but having one brings many benefits. Some California laws require employers to have written policies. It may assist in avoiding misunderstandings and creates a foundation of expectations and practice values. 1 $75.00
Ask the Expert - Hiring and Firing Hiring and firing are both processes that involve thoughtful planning, tools and policies in place, knowledge of employment laws and confidence in your ability. This course will provide you tips, cover employment laws and review the tools you can use for best hiring and firing practices. 1 $75.00
Ask the Expert -- Regulatory Compliance Ms. Pichay reviews the most frequently asked questions by dentists and their staff in the areas of Dental Practice Act compliance, HIPAA, radiation safety, waste management and infection control. She will answer audience questions. 1 $75.00
Ask the Expert - Wage and Hour Compliance Employment laws are here to protect businesses and employees alike, but sometimes they’re not obvious. Even the most conscientious and informed employers can sometimes miss details and changes to employment laws. This program will review wage and hour laws for California employers. 1 $75.00
Become the Wow Dental Assistant This course will engage you with examples and opportunities on how to transform your role into an active and informed partner within the practice. Expect this program to enhance your chairside techniques, boost your dental materials knowledge and improve communication skills. Emphasis will be placed on creating patient-focused systems that promote anticipation and preparedness. Expect to leave energized, confident and ready to implement your knowledge on Monday morning. 1 $85.00