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CDA Presents Anaheim 2019

All of the Audio Recordings from the 2019 Anaheim CDA Presents the Art and Science of Dentistry meeting. C.E.: Available for applicable courses with summary submission by 6/30/2020.
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10 Tenets for a Terrific Team It is said that many of us spend most of our waking hours with those we work with. If that is the case, don’t you want to work with people who share your values, appreciate your contribution to the group and who have fun together? Of course you do! Debbie Castagna has worked with hundreds of teams and her observations about what separates great teams from those that simply get through the day runs deep. Come hear the 10 Tenets and take away actionable steps to achieving “great” status! 1 $85.00
7 Seconds to Your Brand Success It’s no secret that you get once chance to make a great first impression. One chance when a patient calls by phone. One chance when a patient walks through our front door. Oh, and let’s not forget, one chance when a patient sees you online on our website or on social media. Your brand is not what you say it is. Your brand is what your patients and your community tell each other about you. Join this course and learn how to ignite your brand and your success. 1 $75.00
Adhesive Delivery of Ceramic Restorations This presentation will discuss current concepts and materials utilized for adhesive delivery of ceramic materials. Research evidence and clinical case examples will be used to explore available adhesive materials and recommended use for adhesive ceramics and all-zirconia restorations. 1 $75.00
Advanced Adhesion Techniques Kuraray Corporate Forum — This course will give you precise steps to new bonding techniques. Concise techniques will be demonstrated so that you can begin using them when you get back to your practice. This course is designed to show the latest in conservative biomimetic techniques for both direct and indirect restorations and to maximize your time. 1 $85.00
Advanced Biofilm Management A new state-of-the-art protocol is a clinically advanced combination of hand scaling, power scaling and air polishing with glycine powder for effective biofilm management. This course will provide details explaining why three is the “magic number” when it comes to creating an advanced prophylaxis protocol and how these three components create a trio of services that is both effective and comfortable for the patient. 1 $85.00
Advocacy 101 Members who participate in Advocacy 101 will not only walk away with a better understanding of the legislative process, but will also realize the importance of being involved and advocating for dentistry at the local and state level. Presented by CDA Public Affairs 1 $75.00
Aesthetic Issues With Anterior Implants Implant dentistry in the aesthetic zone can be very rewarding for our patients. To achieve success and avoid complications, you need a thorough understanding of diagnosis, treatment planning and risk factors in the aesthetic zone. This course will present both surgical and prosthetic guidelines that will affect your implant therapy. Bone grafting, surgical procedures and implant restorations will also be discussed. 1 $85.00
An Insider’s Guide to Living Better Longer Understand health and risks— and the reversal strategies for optimal wellness and aging. This course will target the top five American diseases, predictive bloodwork profiles and the biological mechanisms of premature aging and inflammation. Learn to employ the natural prescription: real food nutrition, exercise and the impact of natural treatments. 1 $85.00
Art and Science of Adhesive Dentistry Today’s dentist faces many choices when directly placing, cementing or adhesively bonding restorations. This program will provide you with the most recent information on adhesives, composites and indirect restorative materials to incorporate into your practice. You will be introduced to advanced adhesion techniques to enable you to perform minimally invasive dentistry. This course is designed to simplify your decision-making when it comes to preparing and temporizing teeth in the least invasive manner. 1 $85.00
Ask the Expert: Regulatory Compliance Ms. Pichay will review the current frequently asked questions by dentists and their staff in the areas of Dental Practice Act compliance, HIPAA, radiation safety, waste management and infection control. She will also answer audience questions. Presented by CDA Practice Support 1 $75.00