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Dentists Potential Role During COVID-19 Pandemic

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Dentists Potential Role During COVID-19 Pandemic Novel Coronavirus and the illness that it causes, COVID-19 or 2019-nCoV has its grip on the entire country as well as the world. Three states in the USA have chosen to declare stay at home and shelter in place mandates including the closure of non-essential businesses, and several more states have encouraged measures to reduce large crowds and non-critical travel. Though dentistry is considered essential, both the CDA and ADA have recommended that only emergency patients are to be seen, until the greatest incidence of illness has declined. In compliance with these recommendations, we recognize the closure of most dental practices and the furlough of employees including the Doctor for the duration of this public health action. With idle time on their hands, and a foundation in biology, infectious disease and medicine, dental health care professionals (DHCP) are asking if they can volunteer to assist our California health care providers in addressing the needs of our communities. This webinar will outline some of the ways DHCP’s may be asked to assist in functions such as patient screening, triage, and prescription writing. The legal aspects of scope of licensure will also be discussed.

Learning Outcomes
1. Learn dentistry's potential role in the Novel Coronavirus pandemic.
2. Understand what areas of community health that DHCP’s may be asked to participate in.
3. Understand the legal aspects regarding licensure.
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