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2020 Virtual Convention Course Bundle

Audio Recordings from the 2020 Virtual Convention. C.E.: Available for applicable courses with summary submission by 6/10/2021 The bundle includes the top 20 On Demand courses from the convention.
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A Complete Digital Workflow in Your Office Traditional methods of designing and creating treatment plans, surgical guides and restorations have been replaced by digital processes and dentistry has forever changed. Multiple technologies have contributed to this trend and technology continues to advance quickly. In addition to CBCT imaging, intraoral and laboratory scanning, software platforms for digital guides and restoration designs allow for local CAD/CAM production. The digital patient-centric philosophy of practice is now possible. 1 $0.00
Bugs, Drugs and Food Trends Our bodies need vitamins and minerals to function efficiently, but which ones and how much? Probiotic use is a fast-growing market. What are the implications for use in dentistry? How can we be certain supplement claims are true? Do food trends have a potential impact on oral health? As dental professionals, we need to be aware of the changing landscape of probiotic use, dietary supplements and food fads and how these trends could potentially impact patient care. 1 $0.00
Ceramic Materials and Restorations This will be a discussion of ceramic materials available for restoration of both natural teeth and dental implants. Physical properties will be discussed only as a means to distinguish between material categories and to understand rationale for clinical utilization. Clinical evidence and cases will be used to discuss and illustrate expected outcomes with modern ceramics. 1 $0.00
COVID 19 Was a Game Changer: Let’s Win! COVID 19 exposed weak links in dental safety. This webinar will address the recommendations for dentistry considering COVID 19 and other known or future airborne risks. Explore standard and transmission based precautions in the context of CDC and ADA Guidelines and OSHA and dental board regulations. Safety options and strategies will be presented with Q&A time to address your concerns. 1 $0.00
Dental Billing Boot Camp This interactive course will help you become a dental billing champion. The insurance industry is on the hunt for improper coding patterns. Once identified, these patterns could cost you much more than a single claim denial. Reduce your risk and learn to code with confidence. 1 $0.00
Diagnosis of Chronic Oral Facial Pains: Part 1 Dr. Clark will cover four areas focusing on diagnosis and treatment of painful temporomandibular (TM) disorders in the jaw. He will discuss a smart questionnaire using algorithms to suggest some diagnoses and present cases with disk derangement, arthralgia and/or osteoarthritis and localized myalgia and myofascial pain. 1 $0.00
Diagnosis of Chronic Oral Facial Pains: Part 2 Dr. Clark will cover four areas focusing on treatments that have been proposed for the recalcitrant disk derangement and osteoarthritis problems: botulinum toxin injections for disk displacement, platelet rich plasma with growth factors for osteoarthritis, stem cell therapies for osteoarthritis and anticytokine molecule joint injections for osteoarthritis and idiopathic condylar resorption. 1 $0.00
Endodontic Diagnosis: Understanding and Management Dental pain has plagued the general population and professional team for ages. It is important to understand how pulpal pain manifests itself and to deal with it accordingly. This course will provide the basic principles and understanding of pulpal pathosis and its relation to dental pain as well as the treatment and management options of the acute dental emergency patient. 1 $0.00
Extreme Bonding and Indirect Restorations "This course will review, in a real world, wet fingered, dentist’s way, some of the techniques, materials and key research in 35 years of advanced adhesive dentistry. It will help you understand why tooth structure is so important to save in trauma cases, explore new supra gingival tooth preparations that are simple and predictable, and take the mystery out of bonding all types of indirect materials. It will help you take indirect tooth preserving dentistry to the next level. " 1 $0.00
Leading Conversations This course explores new, evidenced based, patient centered strategies for improving health care communications through fundamental skills of teach back, motivational interviewing and more. 1 $0.00