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2023-2024 Required Employment Poster Set

Every two years, CDA develops a dental specific set of required postings for dental offices. These easy-to-display poster sets contain the specific health, safety and employee rights information required by state and federal agencies. As a benefit of membership, CDA distributes these poster sets to member practice owners. In April 2023, CDA mailed member practice owners one complimentary poster set. Members who have more than one dental practice can purchase additional poster sets at the CDA member price of $30 each (shipping included). Non-members can purchase poster sets for $75 each (shipping included). If you own a dental practice and updated your profile prior to March 31, 2023, your poster set was shipped in April 2023. We encourage you to review your email to verify whether your poster set has already shipped prior to placing a poster order. Only place an order for additional poster sets if you need one (or more) for another practice location. Duplicate poster orders will only delay your poster shipments and/or refunds.
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This set includes mandated federal and state employee notices, the Dental Board's infection control regulations, the state standards for protection against radiation, and dental auxiliary duties. In addition, it includes the procedures to follow after exposure to blood and other potential infectious materials at the workplace (Post-Exposure Management Guidelines) as a handy resource guide.